Friday, December 28, 2007

U is for Unexpected gifts......

Okay so usually I'm not one of those people to go bragging about the gifts that I got for Christmas, but there's one gift in particular that I'm kind of excited about and wanted to share. My sister bought her husband a new ipod for Christmas, so she in turn got his old one and they were trying to sell hers. I've wanted an mp3 player for a while and this seemed just as good. Well my mom surprised me completely and bought the ipod for me for Christmas. I was actually really surprised by it. While opening Christmas presents I even told her that she must've confused someone else's gift with mine because it was a itunes gift card, but she said it was for me (after saying "oh you shouldn't have opened that one yet").

While I'm not the biggest person on music or anything I do enjoy a good book (don't get me wrong I love music I just don't have to be listening to it all the time to feel alive). I've always gone to the library to borrow books on tape there but I haven't been able to in a while because where I live the house is so open that everyone would hear (whether or not they wanted to). That and I've been terribly busy, and my cd player is on the fritz so it's kind of annoying to get into the first chapter of a book and it suddenly decides to stop working. But now I can listen to a book while I'm sewing or cleaning and not have to worry about anything.

I've already got a few classics that I haven't read in a long time on my ipod as well as a few new ones, but they'll have to wait until I get my reading done for school first (oh priorities).

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thought you might like to hear this

Just hit pause on the music below and hear what this 13yr old boy has to say about God's son. I heard this this morning from a friend and I had to share.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

T is for Time and Thought......

I can't believe that there's only a week before Christmas and then another week until the new year. Time is such an abstract concept for me sometimes (I think I get that from my Dad, 15 minutes usually means an hour and an hour is like 4 hours, i love you Daddy!). It's hard for me to think about plans beyound a week and how that actually effects what I should be doing during this week. I try to be a good steward by planning trips to get everything that I need done at once so I'm not wasting gas by taking several trips to get what I need. I'm even worse when it comes to having other people involved with future plans and communicating everything that they need to know (or maybe would just like to know) with regards to our plans.

I was talking to a co-worker of mine today (yes another story about work and kids, how unpredictable), and we got onto the topic of children and their manners (or lack there of). Parents are so busy running around trying to take care of things NOW and not considering how it's affecting their childrens future. The results in children learning poor management and planning in their lives and a constant need to be moving and doing all the time.

Some of my most precious moments as a child are the ones that aren't so busy. I can remember distinctly the feeling of lying on my bed with the sun shining on me with absolutely nothing to do. I was gloriously bored. I can't remember when the last time was that I felt that. I've got a list of things to keep me busy now that's at least a century long (if lists were measured in time). Wouldn't it be nice if we took the time to just be with out family, friends and selves? Try it this holiday and see if you don't enjoy yourself a little more.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

S is for Sick, Snow, Salary, and Singing......

I've been dreadfully sick this past week. I was so sick I was referred to as the tissue monster by a few. I finally feel like I'm getting toward the end of it though!!! It's been a busy couple of weeks working on Christmas projects with my kids at work and trying to keep up with the Christmas stuff at home as well. I finished my class at school in Art History II and I will be starting my last class tomorrow (after this one I have my degree!). I'm both excited and apprehensive about the class I start tomorrow. It's called Culturally Diverse Literature and it sounds really interesting, but it's an on-line class and I'm not always the most discipline with school work so hopefully I'll be able to stay on the ball with this class and not get behind at all.

Walking inside this evening from running errands was the first time that I actually felt like looking forward to winter! I've felt kind of saddened by the coldest thus far but while walking in I could almost sense the snow. I got really excited and felt the urge to go for a walk in the cold and blowing wind. The moon was shining and the clouds moving fast. In less than a minute there were snow flurries blowing around everywhere. It won't amount to anything on the ground but being there when it first started was very exciting! I can't wait to see the creek freeze over and snow piled high around the banks (picture below is from last year). I know I'm supposed to be an adult and not like these sort of things, but honestly I get just as excited about going sledding and snowball fights as my kids at work do. I can't wait!

Some exciting news for me at work is that I'm going to be starting in a new full time position where I work after the first of the year! Yay, my first big kid job where I'll be getting a Salary and Health Insurance. My cup is overflowing with the goodness of God. I'll be working with a wonderful woman and some amazing Pre-K kids that I've been blessed to get to know over the last few months. This means that I won't be seeing my school age kids as much and that saddens me, because they are so creative and interesting to get to know. I know that the teachers that are still with them care about them a lot and will continue to be there for them.

Last night, our family on my mom's side gets together almost every year to go down to this small little church (hardly bigger then my parents bedroom and living room combined) called 'The Woods' and sings. Usually Symphony sings, Melody plays something Mom plays a piano piece, her sister and children do lost and my grandparents will play a piano duet. This year we went but it was a bit different. Symphony's in Texas, Melody was sick, David had to work and Grandma wasn't feeling well. We had the gathering and Mom, Lauryl and Lauren sang and played and I SANG! I never sing in front of people, unless it's worship or fun with friends who I don't care if they hear me sing. Singing in front of a large group of people that you don't know a song that you only just learned the day before is a bit of a scary thing for me. I sang but I was a shaky nervous wreck the entire time. Just a few reminders for myself:

- Don't sing a song you don't know very well in front of a group of people
- Don't agree to sing a song you don't know very well in front of a group of people you don't know when asked the day before (okay the week before but we didn't get to practice until the day before)
- Don't agree to sing a song you don't know very well in front of a group of people you don't know when asked the week before and you have the sniffles
- Relax! It's not worth getting nervous over.

Friday, November 30, 2007

R is Really for Rest.....

Rest. What is rest? Do we ever truly know what rest is? I think I've experienced it before but I don't remember what it's like. Can someone remind me what it means to rest? This time of year is really busy for me and I've been super busy trying to get my final projects done for school, stuffed toys made for an art sale at school, lesson plans written out, and a plethora of other things that I think I have to do. While I enjoy this time of year immensely with all of it's family gatherings and festivities I have to admit that it's not even December yet and I'm feeling a little bit in need of a rest. Hopefully once classes finish (not this Tuesday but the next), I'll be ready for the Holiday.

As for other R's...

- I try to reflect on what I am doing daily and see what I should be thankful for and how I could have done things differently that day (you know learn from your mistakes instead of making them over and over again). This is especially important with regard to working with kids, and so many of them at that, because you want to remember how each one tics and how best you can work with them.

- Since the year is almost over I've already begun thinking of resolutions. The thing is that I never make New Year's Resolutions. I think they're silly. If there's something in my life that I need to or want to change for the better I should make that proactive choice to change it as soon as possible not waiting until an appointed time by society to make that change. I guess the end of the year just gets me re-evaluating all the changes that have happened in my life in the past year and whether or not they've been for better or worse.
- It's nice to know that I have "roots" where I live. I've gotten to know a lot of people and I can go to a parade and run into people that I know and catch up with them.

- Rising early in the morning is something that I've always wanted to be able to do consistently and I'm finally able to do that with my job. I've always needed at least 8hrs of sleep or I get grumpy, stressed, and irritable. I know 8hrs seems like a lot to all of you sleep deprived crazies out there but I know that I am a better person when I get enough sleep. I'm much more likely to be a person that I'm not ashamed of when sleep well, and that's huge. Especially since I want my life to be one that strives to be like Christ.

Monday, November 26, 2007

R is for Review (movie review that is).......

First of all scroll to the bottom of this page and pause the music so you can hear the preview below.

Okay so my family and I went to see August Rush tonight and I have to say that it was a wonderful movie. Somewhat korny at times (but who doesn't love that), a bit of a fairy tale (but you're warned about that to begin with), but completely inspiring. There's nothing in it that would make you want to look away, a very clean movie all around (a huge plus in my book, I really dislike when there's just one part in a movie that you could totally have done without and really didn't add to the story at all). Hearing the music in the theatre is the only way to hear it I think (unless you've got some really nice surround sound system at home). I think I'll be seeing this one again (something I never do).

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Day of Gratitude

Are you thankful? Or do you just assume that you're thankful and not fully appreciate all of the little things that we are given or blessed with? Too often I take for granted that I'm thankful for the little things. I wish it wasn't once a year that I forced myself to think about all the things that I truly am thankful for. This should be a daily thing, to count my blessings! I am so very thankful for so many things. I know last year I wanted to write one thing down that I'm thankful for each night. I never actually did this but how inspiring would it be to go back and read this thankfulness journal and see all of the amazing things that I have to be thankful for over the past year. I really do want to do this and if you're reading this and you know me ask me about it sometime as a way to keep me accountable (I might seem disapointed in myself if I haven't followed through like I hoped, but I'll be thankful that you brought it up so I can get back on track)! Anyways looking back this past year here are some things that I am thankful for:

- a place to stay after moving back from school
- being back home where I'm closer to those I love
- a new addition to the family who makes my world turn!
- relationships with my sister that have grown so much since our more pugnacious years
- being able to know people where I live and having a history with them
- cows that follow me to the mailbox

- friends that will stay up to the not so wee hours of the morning with me playing games and talking
- friends who let me play with their horses and hang out with them
- people who care about our earth and it's preservation
- to be able to release my thoughts out into the world and have friends hear them and understand
- the use of my hands and my ability to work with them
- children and the many joys and lessons that they teach us in life
- adults who are willing to share their stories and wisdom with others
- all those in-betweeners who are desperately trying to figure out who they are in the context of our world
- music that touches the innermost part of you and you don't know why
- laughter in all its various voices (especially giggles adults and kids alike!)
- deer that silhouettes against a moonlit sky
- and most importantly a God who provides me with every thing that I could possibly need (Thanks!)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Q is for Quiltmaker

Yes, I'm only 23yrs. old and a quiltmaker. There's no rule that you have to be an old empty nester to be a quilter (or an old maid for that matter). When I was 12 yrs. old my Grandmother taught me how to make my first quilt. I haven't been able to stop since. There's something about the ability to maneuver the colors of fabric around to make something beautiful and warm that someone will wrap themselves in. Now I haven't made many quilts but I've dreamt of them. I've planned for them, even bought fabric for them. It is my goal this coming year to complete many of my unfinished quilts that are waiting around to be finished. Let's see if I will follow through.

Here I am enjoying a quilt by the fire with friends this past year. The quilt was made by my mother and the qulited pillow made by me.

Some other Q things about me:

I'm not very quiet most of the time. I really try to be but when I get excited or find something funny it's hard to hold back.

Oh this is a big one. I am a walking question. I'm constantly asking questions. I know my family gets tiresome of it because that's the reason for my one and only time of being grounded. I was asking a lot of questions in the car when I was four and my momma was pregnant with Symphony. The questions were just too much for her nerves so she begged daddy to do something about it so he grounded me from asking any more questions. I'm not exactly sure how long I was supposed to be grounded for but I'm quite positive it didn't last very long.

P is for all the Pretty Colors!

My Grandmother and I have an ongoing joke about how I love the color orange just a little bit too much. Don't get me wrong I don't have favorites or anything, but this time of year how can you not appreciate and just absolutely fall in love with the color orange!!! Here's some pictures that I took at the city park yesterday that are decent enough to put on here.

Other P things about me....

I don't like posing for pictures (I feel so fake when I do), however, I love watching other people getting their picture taken. Go somewhere famous and people watch to see how ridiculous some people look when they're getting their pictures taken.

Peanut butter and bananas are yummy (as well as peanut butter and honey sandwiches).

Poppies are probably one of my favorite flowers, especially icelandic poppies (they're best in the garden though, I've tried to make a bouquet of them and they don't last more than a day).

Peonies are another fun one and they do look good in bouquets!

I would love to paint more but it's just too messy for my life right now (watch me start painting tomorrow now!)

I'm the pickiest non-picky person you'll ever meet (ask my cousin Jeremy about that).

Have a "Pleasant Day"!

Monday, November 12, 2007

O is for Obedient

A friend of mine told me that his niece has discovered the words "I don't want to," and will say it to any suggestion before it's even said. It may actually be something that she wants to do but she won't change her answer (most of the time), because she's already said no. She may be missing out on something that she would enjoy just because she has to stick to her silly rebellious attitude.
How often do you say no to someone just because it's them asking you to do something you don't want to do, whatever it is that they are suggesting or asking or even telling you to do (be it boss, parent, sister, friend)? I'm like this more than I'd like to admit (rebel at heart). For instance, all my sister has to say to me is "you should...." and immediately I shut down to whatever it is that she thinks I "should" do. It may a great idea, something I agree with but because SHE told me I should do it I really don't want to agree.

I've been wondering a lot lately if I have this same attitude with anyone else. Do I have this same sort of rebellious attitude even with what God wants me to do with my life? Don't get me wrong I want mine to be a life that is God honoring and following the path of His will, but do I sometimes dismiss what he tells me because I really don't want to do it? I'm not sure if this is making any sense but I have just been wondering how mature I am with my ability to listen and obey to what God has in store for my life. If my childishly rebellious attitude with my sister telling me what I "should" do is like this, how am I with my attitude in other areas of my life.

Lord help me to never be blind to the areas in my life that need work and help me (with Your help) to overcome them. Help me to grow up to be Your child, open and obedient to Your will.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

N is for National Adoption Month....

Did you know that November was National Adoption Month? I found this out while I was trying to find out fun days in November for my kids at work. I also found out that the 13th is the World Kindness Day, the 16th is Button Day, the Slinky was invented on the 26th in 1943, and on the 30th it's Stay at Home Because You're Well Day (I definitley remember taking a few of those days growing up:).

At work for our bible lesson we talked about November being National Adoption Month and I found out that quite a lot of the kids at our before and after school program were indeed adopted. It was so neat to hear this and then talk about Moses in the Bible who was miraculously adopted by the very people who were trying to kill him. God works in truly amazing ways. I am really looking forward to hearing about the kids own stories of adoption and just their stories in general. Kids are amazing story tellers if you will just listen to them (true and false alike).

I've been blessed to know a family of amazing proportions from my church who have adopted 12 children and have just been aproved to adopt 5 more (not to mention they have five biological children and a grandbaby - not all living with them of course)! I can't think of another family whom God has used to bless these amazing children. I'm so grateful to know them and be able to be a part of their lives. Right now I am teaching the school age children Art once a week and really enjoying coming up with the lesson plans as well as working with a small enough group of kids that it's not so overwhelming (like at work sometimes).

It's amazing how big the family of God can be if only we let it.

M is for MINE!

I went with my sisters yesterday to check out two new stores in hagerstown Fivebelow and Best Buy. Well, while we were in Best Buy I found the camera for me. My heart fluttered when I read it's information. This camera was there and I was completely amazed at how close to being perfect for me it was. If you read its information you'll see that it's water-freeze-shock-and crush-proof! The only down side was that it had digital image stabilization instead of optical image stabilization (and it was a tad too expensive for me). This camera is perfect for my accident prone lifestyle. I've already been too rough with two digital cameras in my life. The first one I lost to the ocean (St. Petersburg, FL where we were kayaking and the bag I placed it in was faulty), and the other to hard use (I think it got dust/dirt in it causing the lense to not open properly). I still need to take my camera to a repair shop to find out if there's any hope in repairing it.

My title makes it sound like I'm one of those totally spoiled little kids that think they can get anything they want if they play their cards right. While this does not accurately portray my temperment I have to admit that I do feel that way sometimes. Most often when it comes to my life and how I life it. I am constantly having to remind myself that this life is not my own but God's and everything in it belongs to Him.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Another L post!

I was thinking up this post for quite a while and when I finally came to write it I realized that I had already written up an L post but hadn't posted it yet due to lack of pictures. Well it ties in really well with my idea of L is for Lost.....

I feel completely lost sometimes without my camera. I keep coming up with ideas for posts and then not following through because I haven't had the access to a camera for photos. It truly is amazing how visually dependent I (and I think a lot of other people out there too) have become. It's like something is not worth giving your interest if it is not visually appealing (which is definitley not true by the way). I'm trying to save up to either repair my current camera or get a new one and if I have to continue on without photos or using old photos than so be it. I enjoy this medium of expressing myself (blogging that is) and something as silly as not having new photos isn't going to stop me.

I lost myself in my thoughts yesterday hiking up a familiar trail. The colors of fall are all around right now and I have been feeling drawn to go enjoy them all week. Work and rain made that impossible though so I'm so glad that I was able to get out yesterday and be surrounded by it all. The feeling of my heart beating as I was hiking up the mountain was just the reminder of living life that I needed.

Monday, October 22, 2007

L is for life

How often to we try to fill life with things that we think we're supposed to do but really they're not all that important?

I want my life to be one filled with the most important things out there:

God, Love, Family, Giving, Breathing, Learning, Being, Creating, and Living.

Still working on trying to prioritize what things need to be done (eating, working, cleaning, sleeping), with things that are fundamental to wholeness. I tend to focus on one thing at a time and forget about the other important things that I should be doing when I'm focused on a task.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

k is for kids!

Kids are an absolutely awesome part of my life. They always have been and always will be. They are the reason that I act the way I do most of the time (I'm very much like a kid myself most days, completely crazy, loud, and annoying, but also creative, fun, and full of love). I'm working a job right now where I'm surrounded by kids at work. It's a before and afterschool program where I chill with the kids either until they go to school or their parents pick them up (before and after school).

The first few weeks I struggled with getting down the rules that the kids follow and dealing with kids trying to tell me otherwise and being thrown into classrooms not knowing any of the kids names or temperments and being expected to teach them. Those situations have been trying but the people I'm working with have been very helpful. I've gotten to know about half of the students already and will hopefully learn the rest here before the month is over.

It truly amazes me how different each and every one of these kids are. They're so amazing and unique to get to know. I'm truly blessed to be working with them.

One thing that I hadn't realized about kids (either because I've always worked with smaller groups of kids or because it's been so long since I was in elementary and middle school myself) is that they're LOUD! Volume control is difficult with a bunch of kids who've just gotten out of school and all they want to do is wild and be loud (or so it seems). I have to admit that driving home in my car without the radio is absolutely blissful.

Monday, September 17, 2007

J is for Joy!

I'm so lucky to be able to have this beautiful face around for another week. Along with her mother of course!

And just because here's a piece of one of the beautiful quilts that my Grandmother and I saw the other weekend at a quilt show in Harrisburg, PA.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

I is for "I don't know".......

I don't know the answer to all life's questions.

I don't even know all the questions.

I don't know what I'm going to be doing tomorrow let alone next week, month or year.

I don't know what I want to do for the rest of my life.

I don't know how to be a great friend.

I don't know how to plan things out very well.

I don't know how to not procrastinate.

I don't know enough about the Bible and my relationship with God.

I don't know how to explain my thoughts very well to others (verbally).

What I do know is that I have a God who does know and I can trust in Him to be there beside me always guiding me. I just have to be obedient to His gentle promptings. If I'm not obedient then what's the point?

This isn't a post of me depreciating myself, it's of me knowing and understanding the things I struggle with and making a conscious effort to improve myself.

I know that even though there's a lot of things that I don't know, I am very capable and willing of learning the things that I don't know.

Lord help me to never settle to be content with where I'm at. Help me to always be hungering to know You and be ever-growing in You and Your way.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

H is for Home

The thought of home has been on my mind a lot today. Not that I'm having a bad time in Texas with my family or anything because I'm enjoying my self very much. It's just that my trip is coming quickly to an end and I will be heading home shortly. Growing up I didn't always know where home was for me. We moved an awful lot and I was always trying to find my place in the world. It wasn't until we moved to Maryland that I truly felt at home. At first it didn't feel like home to me because it was all so new but after settling in and making some roots (pronounced ruts) I can definitely say that I really feel at home in Maryland. I've been able to invest my life in people here and it's been such a great blessing to get to know as many people as I have here. My family has grown tremendously since moving here and our relationships continue to develop and grow here.

As much as I love my home in Maryland I also know that it is not and will not be my home forever. My Mom grew up much the same way I did, never staying any place for very long and I like how she puts the situation into perspective best. She says that her home is in Heaven and that each of these temporary residences are just one step closer to her eternal destination. I agree with Mom that my home is in Heaven, but I also thank God for the home that he has given me on earth.

Now for other H's........

* I like to help people out (more than I like to help myself sometimes)

* I love to hike!

* Hair is not a big priority of mine (I try to brush it once a day, but that's pretty much the extent of it, I know....... shameful).

* I really love a good hug. You know the kind that let you know that you are loved! My Grandmother actually cracked a rib of my Grandfather's one time she hugged him so tight. Now that's what I'm talking about!

Friday, August 17, 2007

G is for Gone

Yes, I am gone. Gone to Texas that is. I'm visiting my sister and her husband and baby in Texas for a week, helping them to get settled into their new apartment. Today we finished setting up the baby's room and tomorrow we're going to get some dressers and finish getting their room put together. The part of Texas where I am visiting (Fort Hood), looks an awful lot like one giant strip mall. I hadn't seen anything but stores in Texas until today when Symphony and I got lost on an adventure. We were trying to find a Thrift shop where we could hopefuly get a good price on a dresser for them when we found ourselves out in the farmland of texas. It was actually very nice to see and the trees are much different here. We saw some farms with cows, goats, and donkeys. We never did find the thrift shop on our adventure but it was enjoyable none the less just to see a different side of Texas than I had seen before.
Symphony chillin' in the morning.

The reality of motherhood. Exhausted 75% of the time.
Not entirely true but show anyone this picture while saying that and they'll believe you.

We're going to visit Colorado Bend State Park while I'm visiting and possibly some other parks. We're just kind of chillin' though and getting her settled here as much as possible. What with changing doctors for her and Joy, and getting her a new library card I'm sure we'll have plenty to do the whole time.

as for the letter G...
* Symphony has a Gnome!
* I've been known to be very goofy
* and grumpy
* I don't really enjoy chewing gum (it makes me feel like a cow, and it gets tiresome).
* Oh and I'm very gullible.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

F is for Fire

This past year has definitely been a big one for me when it comes to fire. I've had more experiences with fire this year than I have in my entire lifetime. You see, it all began with taking a course in Ceramics. The various ways in which you can burn things to make them beautiful had never been revealed to me before. It all started with raku and gradually built up to a woodburning kiln where I singed my bangs off (at a mere 1280 degrees F).

There's also been lots of bonfires with friends. One in particular in which we built a fire so high it was over the roof of my friends parents house. The Thorpe's are a really laid back couple and really cool to hang out with, but I think we freaked them out with the fire that we built there that day. The biggest disappointment though, was not being able to burn slor nino.

* I don't know what I would do without my family and friends
* My sister thinks I am some sort of Free-Spirited Freak (Melody that is:).
* Oh and Fudge rocks!
* Then there's my Faith......

Growing up I thought that my faith needed to be tested so that I would know that I truly had faith. I used to wish that I could just go off on the road with absolutely nothing and just rely on God for all of my needs. I figured that I could drive off with a full tank of gas and where ever I ran out I'd find someplace to work or some one who needed some help and we'd sort of trade for things that I needed. I'd trade helping someone mow their lawn or weed their garden for a meal or me, some gas for my car, or a place to stay the night. I'd go to church wherever I found myself and tell people my story. I don't know how well this would have built my faith in Christ but for the longest time I thought that I had to do something daring to get an opportunity where I would have to rely on God and test my faith.

Our world is a world where we think we don't need God most of the time. We have plenty of money and resources and lots of people to help us out in a scrape (well I do anyways). I guess I felt like I had to be without to truly experience the kind of faith I'd always read or heard about. I never took my grand adventure (even though I still wish to do it sometimes, for different reasons), but I learned that faith is something that can be obtained if you simply ask for it. It can be given to even those who have everything they physically need. While I know whom I believe in, it also doesn't hurt to have a fire to know him more breathin inside of us every moment. I truly hope to know him more every moment of everyday. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not one of those saints who can actually achieve these kind of goals in their daily life but I wish to be able to live up to them.
Lord, help me to know you closer every day. Help my eyes and ears to be open to your voice and our spirit, and to never doubt that it is You speaking to me.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

E is for Eyes

* My eyes are uneven. No really, one eye-lid is bigger than the other. Not that it's a big deal or anything it's just the way it is. I know random and weird but I'm running out of things to say about myself. Either that or it's beginning to weird me out. I'm such a boring topic.
* I love looking at interesting pictures of peoples eyes.
* I'm pretty Easy-going. You almost have to be in this life with all of the troubles that are thrown at you on a daily basis. My motto is "No Worries" though. Now of course I didn't come up with it all on my own, I've borrowed it from the Australians, or for the young one's The Lion King.
* Just finished a bible study on Ecclesiastes and I hope to do a study of Ephesians next.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

D is for Day

Do you ever feel like you can accomplish so much more during the day time as opposed to the night? I think I've created in my mind some sort of theory that once it becomes dark the fun begins and you don't have to DO anything until it's daylight again. This of course is simply an illusion. I know that some people can get so much more accomplished at night but for me I get too preoccupied with wanting to sleep when the sun goes down (granted not immediately after the sun goes down). I don't see how people can stay up all night to finish papers or projects for school or work. I'm not saying I've never done it before because believe me I have more times than I'd like to admit.

* I am also quite the Dreamer. I have all of these crazy ideas that I think would be super cool (yes I just said super cool, and no I'm not 14 yrs old), it's just that reality sets in and tells me that they would be absolutely difficult to do. Like that stops me though.
* There's too many Depressing things that begin with the letter D. For example, depressed, distraught, down, dunce, dope, distressed, dumb, doubt, dork, duck, etc.
* I grew up reading about Dufflepuds
* Shasta Daisies are probably my favorite flower ever (well at least one of them, it's so hard to choose from all of the beautiful varieties). I really want to plant some for cutting next year!
* For now I am Done and going to bed.

Monday, August 06, 2007

C is for Community

I have been truly blessed to be a part of a community of friends and family that are always there for me (and of which some are cardboard). These pictures don't even begin to describe the many people in my life that I care about they just have the most in each picture. We share our faith and our lives together going on adventures and putting up with each other quite tolerably.

* I love cameras (which is why it's really hard for me right now without a camera until I get mine repaired), especially capturing life with it

* I planted about 16 tomato plants in my garden this year and found out alter that about 10 of them Cherry Tomato plants (I must read signs more clearly, good thing my mother loves them)
* The first author I remember reading and one I continue to read and enjoy is C. S. Lewis
* I was a Ceramics intern for a year

* Color combinations make me insanely happy
* I can draw a mean stick cow
* Most importantly I am a Child of God and I daily try to live a life that is Christ centered

Sunday, August 05, 2007

B is for Balance

I've constantly been trying to find some sort of Balance in my life. I have been blessed to be named a name as beautiful as Harmony but I have to admit that sometimes it's downright hard to life up to. I struggle with balancing my thoughts and what I want to do with what I actually do. This past month has been incredibly difficult for me in figuring out what my next step is in life. I've finished school and have moved back home. Adjusting to that has been alright. I still have to find a job though and I'm not entirely sure what I'm waiting for. I've applied to one place so far but to no avail. There are a few others that I'm interested in I'm just not sure how well they would fit into my life right now.

I've been working since I was 10 and I've always done any job that came to me. I've done paper routes, data entry, stocking grocery shelves, retail, babysitting, mowing lawns, cleaning construction sites, renovating houses, making costumes, teaching at camps and waitressing. Now all of these jobs have been great experience for me and I can truly say that I enjoyed them all (most aspects of them anyways), it's just that I've never actually done a job that I've searched for or sought out that had to do with my interests and degree. I guess I am just ready to do something that I have been training for all this time now. The only thing is that I don't exactly know what that is. What I do know is that I love working with kids and art and if I could combine these two that would be wonderful. I would love to teach but I don't really care to work in the public school system. I would love to start my own school of Art for home schoolers. I'm just not sure if I want to start out doing something so unstable and risky. I don't know if anything like this already exists in my community and if not how to start one.

While I am still searching for a job I've been helping my Dad out with some work on the properties. I've also been teaching some girls from my church how to quilt and that has been an absolute joy. They are quick learners and a lot of fun to work with. Spending time with family has been at the top of the list also during this in between time. I know that God has something in line for me I just hope and pray that I'm not too blind to see it when it's sitting right in front of me.

As for the rest of my B list here you are.....

* I think I'm terribly boring when it comes to conversing with others.
* I've been known to be boisterous

* My sister tells me I have a big mouth
* My all time favorite family recipe is broccoli and cheese casserole
* I went berry picking for the first time ever this summer down near Harpers Ferry.
* I'm going to Baltimore tomorrow to pick up my cousin after spending almost a month with our uncle's family in New Jersey.

* I love going barefoot.
* I'm incredibly blessed to have the family, friends, and faith that I have.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

A is for Anyways

So I'm going to do something slightly different here for the month of August. I'm doing an encyclopedia of me. Each day I'll share something different about me using the a letter of the alphabet. The idea came from a lovely blog belladia.

I know it's not the first of the month but I'm starting today anyways. So what can I tell you about me that starts with the letter A???

* I use the word "anyways" in conversation when I don't know what to say or I want to change the subject.
* I am an Art student

* I enjoy the Appalachian Trail very much
* I love adventures
* I just became an Aunt for the first time and I must say, it's awesome!

* A favorite author of mine is Jane Austin
* I love to sing the song Amazing Grace under bridges and in tunnels with anyone who will sing with me, I love making any sort of noise actually where there's interesting reverberations.

I'll be back tomorrow with the B's of me!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Wallpaper is the devil!

I like a good renovation, don't get me wrong, but wallpaper is a huge mess to deal with. My dad and I are fixing up one of the cottages for some renters coming in on the first and 'he' started a project we just couldn't finish. This one room had 4+ layers of wallpaper on it and we've been working at it for several days now without much improvement. In fact we're making the room uglier by the second. We tried using vinegar and hot water on the walls to get it off and then a miracle product DIF that doesn't work a true miracle. We even went so far as to rent a professional steamer to work on the walls but none of them are doing the trick. And we're both getting impatient about it. Dad finally decided today to just cover it up with some extra paneling we had from a previous renovation (our motto, save everything because you may need it one day). It will cover two of the walls and we're going to mud over one of them and just prime and paint. This post is just to remember how horrible removing wallpaper is and to prevent myself and anyone else out there reading this from ever doing it again.

p.s. I didn't write this for suggestions on how to remove wallpaper because we did everything we were supposed to and it was still awful. We scored the walls with those little circle tools and followed all the instructions but to no avail. Never again!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Unexpected Joys

I got an unexpected call from my cousin last week wondering if she and her husband could come up to jolly Maryland for a visit. Now considering Symphony and Caleb had just come home with Joy I very quickly realized that they didn't want to really see me but the baby instead. I am completely fine with that I just wish they would have said that to begin with.

All kidding aside it was a wonderful two days spent with Emily and Rob. They just moved to North Carolina so they're only about 5 hours away from us instead of the 17hrs when they lived in FL. It was a joy to visit with them.

Joy isn't afraid of heights at all and the sun doesn't bother her when she's sleeping either.

We went to Antietam Battlefield and did some drive-by reading of the monuments. And of course we went to the top of the Tower at Antietam (don't ask me it's real name because I couldn't tell you).

And after that we went to Harpers Ferry where Emily really wanted to take a picture by one of these white informational signs. Go figure.

There were kind enough to pull over so I could take a picture of one of the canons at Antietam battlefield. I thought the color of the aged/oxidized copper was really cool. Maybe something to incorporated in a painting or quilt.

All in all it was great fun seeing them both. Hopefully I can make it down to see them before the end of the summer is over.