Thursday, November 22, 2007

Day of Gratitude

Are you thankful? Or do you just assume that you're thankful and not fully appreciate all of the little things that we are given or blessed with? Too often I take for granted that I'm thankful for the little things. I wish it wasn't once a year that I forced myself to think about all the things that I truly am thankful for. This should be a daily thing, to count my blessings! I am so very thankful for so many things. I know last year I wanted to write one thing down that I'm thankful for each night. I never actually did this but how inspiring would it be to go back and read this thankfulness journal and see all of the amazing things that I have to be thankful for over the past year. I really do want to do this and if you're reading this and you know me ask me about it sometime as a way to keep me accountable (I might seem disapointed in myself if I haven't followed through like I hoped, but I'll be thankful that you brought it up so I can get back on track)! Anyways looking back this past year here are some things that I am thankful for:

- a place to stay after moving back from school
- being back home where I'm closer to those I love
- a new addition to the family who makes my world turn!
- relationships with my sister that have grown so much since our more pugnacious years
- being able to know people where I live and having a history with them
- cows that follow me to the mailbox

- friends that will stay up to the not so wee hours of the morning with me playing games and talking
- friends who let me play with their horses and hang out with them
- people who care about our earth and it's preservation
- to be able to release my thoughts out into the world and have friends hear them and understand
- the use of my hands and my ability to work with them
- children and the many joys and lessons that they teach us in life
- adults who are willing to share their stories and wisdom with others
- all those in-betweeners who are desperately trying to figure out who they are in the context of our world
- music that touches the innermost part of you and you don't know why
- laughter in all its various voices (especially giggles adults and kids alike!)
- deer that silhouettes against a moonlit sky
- and most importantly a God who provides me with every thing that I could possibly need (Thanks!)


Randyl D. Brown said...


Your thankful spirit is inspiring. It felt like you went down your list without even taking a breath. Your thoughts must have come from the heart.

Stay Sweet,


relying on God said...

aww thanks! I don't have to breath to think and I don't now about you but the thoughts in my head run a thousand miles a minute and I had to stop the list short. there's just too much to write sometimes and I don't want to bore people with all the details (because I get bored so easily), instead I try to say just enough to get the point across and make it interesting for people to think.