Monday, November 19, 2007

P is for all the Pretty Colors!

My Grandmother and I have an ongoing joke about how I love the color orange just a little bit too much. Don't get me wrong I don't have favorites or anything, but this time of year how can you not appreciate and just absolutely fall in love with the color orange!!! Here's some pictures that I took at the city park yesterday that are decent enough to put on here.

Other P things about me....

I don't like posing for pictures (I feel so fake when I do), however, I love watching other people getting their picture taken. Go somewhere famous and people watch to see how ridiculous some people look when they're getting their pictures taken.

Peanut butter and bananas are yummy (as well as peanut butter and honey sandwiches).

Poppies are probably one of my favorite flowers, especially icelandic poppies (they're best in the garden though, I've tried to make a bouquet of them and they don't last more than a day).

Peonies are another fun one and they do look good in bouquets!

I would love to paint more but it's just too messy for my life right now (watch me start painting tomorrow now!)

I'm the pickiest non-picky person you'll ever meet (ask my cousin Jeremy about that).

Have a "Pleasant Day"!

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elizabeth said...

Your pictures are amazing! I think we're a lot alike in some ways... I love fall colors, being outside - hiking, nature pictures, and more!