Sunday, November 11, 2007

M is for MINE!

I went with my sisters yesterday to check out two new stores in hagerstown Fivebelow and Best Buy. Well, while we were in Best Buy I found the camera for me. My heart fluttered when I read it's information. This camera was there and I was completely amazed at how close to being perfect for me it was. If you read its information you'll see that it's water-freeze-shock-and crush-proof! The only down side was that it had digital image stabilization instead of optical image stabilization (and it was a tad too expensive for me). This camera is perfect for my accident prone lifestyle. I've already been too rough with two digital cameras in my life. The first one I lost to the ocean (St. Petersburg, FL where we were kayaking and the bag I placed it in was faulty), and the other to hard use (I think it got dust/dirt in it causing the lense to not open properly). I still need to take my camera to a repair shop to find out if there's any hope in repairing it.

My title makes it sound like I'm one of those totally spoiled little kids that think they can get anything they want if they play their cards right. While this does not accurately portray my temperment I have to admit that I do feel that way sometimes. Most often when it comes to my life and how I life it. I am constantly having to remind myself that this life is not my own but God's and everything in it belongs to Him.


Christine said...

What beautiful pictures of nature!

Julie Bungard said...

So, do you have a new camera finally? What's happening? I know, I know, I need to write in my blog. More is coming soon. How are you? I loved your picures.