Thursday, October 18, 2007

k is for kids!

Kids are an absolutely awesome part of my life. They always have been and always will be. They are the reason that I act the way I do most of the time (I'm very much like a kid myself most days, completely crazy, loud, and annoying, but also creative, fun, and full of love). I'm working a job right now where I'm surrounded by kids at work. It's a before and afterschool program where I chill with the kids either until they go to school or their parents pick them up (before and after school).

The first few weeks I struggled with getting down the rules that the kids follow and dealing with kids trying to tell me otherwise and being thrown into classrooms not knowing any of the kids names or temperments and being expected to teach them. Those situations have been trying but the people I'm working with have been very helpful. I've gotten to know about half of the students already and will hopefully learn the rest here before the month is over.

It truly amazes me how different each and every one of these kids are. They're so amazing and unique to get to know. I'm truly blessed to be working with them.

One thing that I hadn't realized about kids (either because I've always worked with smaller groups of kids or because it's been so long since I was in elementary and middle school myself) is that they're LOUD! Volume control is difficult with a bunch of kids who've just gotten out of school and all they want to do is wild and be loud (or so it seems). I have to admit that driving home in my car without the radio is absolutely blissful.

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