Tuesday, August 07, 2007

D is for Day

Do you ever feel like you can accomplish so much more during the day time as opposed to the night? I think I've created in my mind some sort of theory that once it becomes dark the fun begins and you don't have to DO anything until it's daylight again. This of course is simply an illusion. I know that some people can get so much more accomplished at night but for me I get too preoccupied with wanting to sleep when the sun goes down (granted not immediately after the sun goes down). I don't see how people can stay up all night to finish papers or projects for school or work. I'm not saying I've never done it before because believe me I have more times than I'd like to admit.

* I am also quite the Dreamer. I have all of these crazy ideas that I think would be super cool (yes I just said super cool, and no I'm not 14 yrs old), it's just that reality sets in and tells me that they would be absolutely difficult to do. Like that stops me though.
* There's too many Depressing things that begin with the letter D. For example, depressed, distraught, down, dunce, dope, distressed, dumb, doubt, dork, duck, etc.
* I grew up reading about Dufflepuds
* Shasta Daisies are probably my favorite flower ever (well at least one of them, it's so hard to choose from all of the beautiful varieties). I really want to plant some for cutting next year!
* For now I am Done and going to bed.

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