Thursday, August 09, 2007

F is for Fire

This past year has definitely been a big one for me when it comes to fire. I've had more experiences with fire this year than I have in my entire lifetime. You see, it all began with taking a course in Ceramics. The various ways in which you can burn things to make them beautiful had never been revealed to me before. It all started with raku and gradually built up to a woodburning kiln where I singed my bangs off (at a mere 1280 degrees F).

There's also been lots of bonfires with friends. One in particular in which we built a fire so high it was over the roof of my friends parents house. The Thorpe's are a really laid back couple and really cool to hang out with, but I think we freaked them out with the fire that we built there that day. The biggest disappointment though, was not being able to burn slor nino.

* I don't know what I would do without my family and friends
* My sister thinks I am some sort of Free-Spirited Freak (Melody that is:).
* Oh and Fudge rocks!
* Then there's my Faith......

Growing up I thought that my faith needed to be tested so that I would know that I truly had faith. I used to wish that I could just go off on the road with absolutely nothing and just rely on God for all of my needs. I figured that I could drive off with a full tank of gas and where ever I ran out I'd find someplace to work or some one who needed some help and we'd sort of trade for things that I needed. I'd trade helping someone mow their lawn or weed their garden for a meal or me, some gas for my car, or a place to stay the night. I'd go to church wherever I found myself and tell people my story. I don't know how well this would have built my faith in Christ but for the longest time I thought that I had to do something daring to get an opportunity where I would have to rely on God and test my faith.

Our world is a world where we think we don't need God most of the time. We have plenty of money and resources and lots of people to help us out in a scrape (well I do anyways). I guess I felt like I had to be without to truly experience the kind of faith I'd always read or heard about. I never took my grand adventure (even though I still wish to do it sometimes, for different reasons), but I learned that faith is something that can be obtained if you simply ask for it. It can be given to even those who have everything they physically need. While I know whom I believe in, it also doesn't hurt to have a fire to know him more breathin inside of us every moment. I truly hope to know him more every moment of everyday. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not one of those saints who can actually achieve these kind of goals in their daily life but I wish to be able to live up to them.
Lord, help me to know you closer every day. Help my eyes and ears to be open to your voice and our spirit, and to never doubt that it is You speaking to me.

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