Monday, August 06, 2007

C is for Community

I have been truly blessed to be a part of a community of friends and family that are always there for me (and of which some are cardboard). These pictures don't even begin to describe the many people in my life that I care about they just have the most in each picture. We share our faith and our lives together going on adventures and putting up with each other quite tolerably.

* I love cameras (which is why it's really hard for me right now without a camera until I get mine repaired), especially capturing life with it

* I planted about 16 tomato plants in my garden this year and found out alter that about 10 of them Cherry Tomato plants (I must read signs more clearly, good thing my mother loves them)
* The first author I remember reading and one I continue to read and enjoy is C. S. Lewis
* I was a Ceramics intern for a year

* Color combinations make me insanely happy
* I can draw a mean stick cow
* Most importantly I am a Child of God and I daily try to live a life that is Christ centered

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