Friday, August 17, 2007

G is for Gone

Yes, I am gone. Gone to Texas that is. I'm visiting my sister and her husband and baby in Texas for a week, helping them to get settled into their new apartment. Today we finished setting up the baby's room and tomorrow we're going to get some dressers and finish getting their room put together. The part of Texas where I am visiting (Fort Hood), looks an awful lot like one giant strip mall. I hadn't seen anything but stores in Texas until today when Symphony and I got lost on an adventure. We were trying to find a Thrift shop where we could hopefuly get a good price on a dresser for them when we found ourselves out in the farmland of texas. It was actually very nice to see and the trees are much different here. We saw some farms with cows, goats, and donkeys. We never did find the thrift shop on our adventure but it was enjoyable none the less just to see a different side of Texas than I had seen before.
Symphony chillin' in the morning.

The reality of motherhood. Exhausted 75% of the time.
Not entirely true but show anyone this picture while saying that and they'll believe you.

We're going to visit Colorado Bend State Park while I'm visiting and possibly some other parks. We're just kind of chillin' though and getting her settled here as much as possible. What with changing doctors for her and Joy, and getting her a new library card I'm sure we'll have plenty to do the whole time.

as for the letter G...
* Symphony has a Gnome!
* I've been known to be very goofy
* and grumpy
* I don't really enjoy chewing gum (it makes me feel like a cow, and it gets tiresome).
* Oh and I'm very gullible.

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