Thursday, February 28, 2008

Z is for zzzzzz....SLOR!

Okay so I'm too lazy to think of anything for Zz and I have no intention of doing it but to complete this craziness I thought I'd go ahead and keep the title. Last year my friends and I made a sled to help raise funds for a local boys home. Well this year we did it again. I only have a couple pictures worth showing but there will be more soon if I can bum them off my friends any time soon.


Elizabeth said...

Yay for finishing your alphabet!!! It's been a "most fun" way to keep up with you... though I can see why you're glad to be finished. How's the car situation going? How are you feeling (from the accident)? I would email you... but I can't remember your email. :)

relying on God said...

I'm doing pretty good. I'm not really sore anymore from the accident. I haven't found a car yet though. Still looking! my e-mail is if you want to e-mail me anytime. It's been cool hearing about how your training is going too. Hope you're doing well!