Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Y is for Y (Why?)........

I have always been a very inquisitive person. I don't know if I've mentioned this on here before but I was actually grounded once from asking questions (the only time I was ever really grounded). I was only five and my mother was very pregnant so you can figure out the rest. Some questions that I have lately have been:

Why has it taken me so long to get through the alphabet on this silly blog of mine?

Why don't I spend more time keeping in touch with the people that I love and don't see often?

Why do I need sleep?

Why haven't I started planting seedling yet for my garden?

Why is sharing my life with people so hard sometimes?

Why am I alive?

This question should be better explained. Last week I got into a very bad car accident. There was wintry conditions with slick roads. I was coming around a turn down a hill and lost control. My car turned sideways and rammed into a bridge where it then spun out of control and rammed into the other side of the bridge. I've only been in a couple accidents before and they were more of "doh" kind of accidents (insert bart simpson accent and context of show to understand). This one was much more serious and frightening. I pushed my way out of my car door and immediately thought 'God, why am I okay.' I don't know why He let me be virtually unhurt (only a few bruises and some soreness) but I know without a doubt that He has a purpose for me still. The title of this blog holds true more now than ever. Life is a gift! The most wonderful gift that we can receive. The only thing greater is life beyond this short time spent on earth, spent with the one who created us.

This question can only be followed by another and the wonderful ways in which God has blessed me.

Why am I so incredibly loved?

Monday morning when I walked in to work I was looking in my book bag to find my work keys so I could get inside and I found a wad of cash in with the rest of my junk. I don't cry easily but when I saw that money in my book bag I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with so many emotions. I walk in the door to my pre-schoolers who are all making birthday cards for me and wishing me birthday wishes. I didn't want to scare my kids by bawling my eyes out in front of them when they were being so wonderful so I accepted a couple cards and passed out hugs then went to the sanctuary to compose myself before I had to start work. I couldn't believe how incredibly blessed I was. Not only am I alive but I now have a good start to be able to afford a car that my insurance won't cover. I don't know who exactly gave me the money, I hadn't told that many people about my accident, and honestly I don't care who gave me the money. It is just an overwhelming feeling to know that 'I am loved' and have friends and family who take care of me when they see a need. To whoever gave me the gift if you read this THANK YOU from the innermost of my heart for your love and encouragement.

And to all of my family and friends whom I don't say this to often enough, I love you!


sharon said...

Ah Harmony, that is a touching story! I am glad you were blessed in that way and you really deserve it! I give oyu a hard time alot about asking questions but I love ya bunches and think you are a amazing person! You have so much to offer so many people. I really enjoy being around you alot! xoxoxo

Elizabeth said...

My dad told me about your accident... sorry to hear that. Exciting though to hear what God is teaching you through it. And "Happy (Late) Birthday!"

The Lourceys said...

Your dad told me about your accident. I'm so glad you're alright! I'm hoping we get to see each other soon...I think we will. I have tried desperately to make no-bake cookies and I just can't do it. I need help!