Friday, April 17, 2009

What are my goals?

As I said in my last post (along with a lot of other strange and random things), I have finally taken the time to think out and write down my goals for this year (I know only four months late but that doesn't matter). Here they are:

* Be more disciplined with- reading my Bible
- studying
- praying
- cleaning
- eating well
- exercising

* Build stronger relationships

* Get my garden up and running and eat or give away everything in it (Another post on that later)

* Pay off credit cards (I used them for school my last semester at Shippensburg to pay the difference and I'm still paying, ridiculous I know)

* No fast food (I've been getting into the habit of not packing a lunch and heading over to the local restaurants too frequently)

* Start a girl's Bible study that gets together at least once a month

* Have at least 3 big tea parties

* Paint more often

* Finish my degree (which should be done by the end of the Summer!)

I can't even begin to tell you how good it is to have them written down and concrete. They are things that I've known I wanted to do and have been working on but having them there for me to see makes me focus more on accomplishing them. Some of them I know I'll do and some will take a lifetime for me to accomplish but with God's help anything is possible.


Elizabeth said...

Loved reading your list and am looking forward to seeing photos of future tea parties and graduation and gardens filled with yummy things...

Shannon said...

I too like your list. I think we all have these, don't we? Keep striving though!