Sunday, May 10, 2009

Season of growing

Joy showing me how to dig up the dirt. She's a total pro by the way and an awesome helper.

This year is the year of the garden for me. I have been dreaming of having a big bountiful garden for years now without having the time or the space to be able to fulfill it. Not like the container garden at my first apartment or the tomato garden at my parents. No, something much bigger. While I don't know how bountiful my garden will be I do know that it will be bigger than any garden I've ever done before and have more varied plants. I also know that there will be potatoes (big and little), onions, blueberries, tomatoes (3 varieties), zucchini, yellow squash, acorn squash, blackberries, raspberries, black raspberries, brusslesprouts, swiss chard, carrots, peas, beans, pumpkins, corn, and cucumbers. That's the plan anyway.

I just finished clearing out the main garden plot this weekend and have already gotten started with planting and starting seeds. I thought I was going start out small and work my way up to a larger garden but my wonderful sister gave me a gift card to buy seeds and a friend of mine gave me some young shoots from their raspberry bushes. I've been truly blessed with what everyone has given me to get this started. I'm praying for a few more things but more on that once I get them.

Some seeds started and waiting to grow a little bigger before putting in the ground.

One of my beautiful potato plants.

Blueberry blooms.

My onion row.

A full view of the first bed (yes there is a second one in the works behind my house, and yes I know that I am crazy). The fence is to keep the groundhogs, skunks, and rabbits at bay.

Here is to not having to go to the grocery store to make a meal, and enjoying the fruits of your labor!


The Lourceys said...

This is awesome! Totally the reason I want to buy a house, well along with wanting chickens and a dog. :) I sure wish we lived closer so we could share in your garden of goodness...and so I could learn a few tips. PS- the picture of the blueberry blossom is amazing.

relying on God said...

I wish we were closer too. I could trade some of my veggies for your eggs. I really would enjoy a garden co-op with friends and family. I'm learning as I go so I don't know how much help I would be to you. I actually carry my gardening book to the garden with me to figure out where to plant what next (check out the background of the picture with Joy). Thanks for the picture love.

Elizabeth said...

So fun! Strawberries and herbs are my "gardening specialties" these days, but I'm enjoying every minute of it! Looks like you will have lots of yummy things to eat. :)

And I love your pictures of everything... but especially the onion row and the blueberry blossom!