Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I think I can handle this thing called life

Warning you might not 'get' this post if you don't have sisters:

Do you ever have quotable moments? I do with my sister on a weekly basis. I wish I could remember all of the laughs that we have. Well today one of those was the title of this post. I completely agree with her by the way.

I've been floundering with trying to figure out my goals for this year and I've finally taken the paper and pen and written them down. They are definitely going to stretch me this year but "I think I can handle this thing called life," at least I know I can with the help of the One who made me.

Some more fun sayings:
At least I have a sword.
And then they died.
Satan's here he said you're doing a good job.

New ones just in:
I'm getting a dvd that looks like this (with hands held up in the shape of a circle).
You should see the bruise on my butt! (reply: you should check out mine!).

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Sisters are the best, aren't they?!?

So I admit... I'm curious about your goals that you've "taken pen and paper to" - any chance that you'll be sharing them with us? If not... that's okay too. :)