Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New York

This is just a picture post because I haven't time to write much but the pictures are stories in and of themselves. Use your imagination and if you want to see more from my trip to New York then check out my Flickr.


chrisa4357 said...

The picture of Melody and your mom made me laugh out loud! Aunt Cheryl is so nice and Melody is grouchy :) a great picture and I'm so jealous that you guys went to get to NYC.

relying on God said...

grouchy doesn't even begin to describe the stress that was bottled up inside of her at that point.

Elizabeth said...

Poor Mel. I don't even want to consider what was the source of all her stress. Like Ashleigh though I found the picture rather humorous. :) I didn't realize you guys had taken a trip to NY... was it a Wilson girls only trip? What was the occasion? I suppose I should look at your Flickr pics and find out!