Sunday, August 10, 2008


Okay so I know I may seem a little crazy but I prefer to call it freakishly weird. Well anyways, at church this past Sunday the speaker spoke on Elijah and Elisha. He explained how Elijah was tired. Tired of not being able to see the fruit of his labor, tired of being chased by God haters, tired of feeling alone so he ran. He ran for his life and hid in a cave and when God found him he showed himself to Elijah through a whisper. God had already shown himself to Elijah in fire, wind, and rain throughout his ministry. It was through this whisper that God was telling Elijah that he wasn't done and he could do even greater thing through God then he'd done before. How many times do we feel too old and too tired to continue doing God's work (I'm not that old yet but I do get overwhelmed sometimes). God is not done with us yet or we wouldn't still be here. He has a plan for us and we shouldn't just sit around like bumps on a log waiting for it to happen. We should listen and do, live and love, and get over ourselves.

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