Sunday, February 04, 2007

Wedding bells are ringing!

This is my baby sister. I can remember holding her and feeding her as a baby as well as changing her diapers. Then when she began to crawl she would climb up onto anything and everything, including the couch to look out the window. We couldn't leave any of the animal food out where she could get to it because she'd eat their food instead of her own. As she got a bit older we would play school togehter and I would help her learn to read and write. We were play pals growing up and I can remember sometimes tickling her and trying to make her laugh so hard the she'd begin to cry (sorry about that). Okay so I wasn't exactly the greatest older sister but I just wanted to make her smile. My favorite memory of when we were younger was when all three of us would sneak out into the hallway in the middle of the night and huddling together in front of the heater. We would sprawl out on the floor and just fall asleep there all together 'til morning when mom or dad found us all lying there.

Well now she's growing up so fast I can't believe it. She's married! I can't quite come to grips with it all yet because I still want to protect my sister from all the bad things out there in the world. I want to keep her close to me and not let her get hurt by anyone or anything. Now that she's married it's going to be a bit more difficult to come over early in the morning and jump on her bed to wake her up so we can talk. Or have that time with her late at night while everyone's sleeping to goof around. She's got someone else to do these things with her now.

My new brother, Caleb, is someone that I am looking forward to getting to know through the coming years. I know that he will take good care of my sister (because if he doesn't he has two very protective sisters to deal with:) and love her. These two youngin's have so much yet in life to learn and they are blessed to have eachother, along with two very loving supportive families, to help them out along the way. I hope and pray that God will bless them both in this new life together and that they will always put Him first in their relationship.

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Symphony said...

Shucks Harmony, You make me smile. You know that I love you and will always be your little sister. I might just have to come visit you and jump on your bed! Or better yet, teach my kids to jump on your bed! But only your bed. I'm very grateful for all that you've done for me and with me. You are a great sister and I thank you for always keeping me close.