Friday, July 23, 2010

random tidbits from this summer

Time sure does fly when you're doing lots of things and the last place you really want to be is on a computer. Anyways, here is a picture walk through my summer thus far.

lots and lots of laughing!

Especially when friends let me put daisies in their absolutely ridiculous beards.

Contemplative moments around a fire with friends after a long road trip.

Taking pictures again after a long time of not doing so and absolutely loving the way my hair looks in this picture a friend took of me recently.

A quick trip to Philly to see a friend and see God's community in action at PBU and CCC.

Enjoying getting to know my nephew Matthias (a brother of mine from another mother, and sister too).

Meeting interesting critters along the way.

Enjoying time spent with my wonderful Grams at Brookside Buterfly Gardens and having adventures while learning that riding a motorized wheelchair in gravel can be very difficult.

Visiting a most beautiful farm for a weekend in West Virginia where life slowed down considerably for a while.

Growing a vast garden only to have much of it be eaten by pesky groundhogs (this is the only time I can think when a gun would be handy).

Kayaking at night and sharing the creek with the lightning bugs.

Enjoying the River in other ways!

Letting the moon amaze me with it's beauty and light.

Climbing around with friends.

Enjoying the genuineness of pictures that are taken when not expected.


The Lourceys said...

Wow, you've had such a great summer! Thanks for the update and pictures!

Kara Kim said...

Harm certinaly looks like you had a fun summer is that haake with a beard and his son oh my gosh i never seen him that much of a beard before lol i never got the job harm it fell thru but i am sure God has other plans somehow for some reason.

Symphony said...

Such Adventures this summer! And you are absolutely beautiful, just wanted you to know. I miss you punk and I will see you in exactly 10 days!

Naty said...

I love all the beautiful picture you took.They sure show what a fun summer you had.I can't wait to see you again!