Sunday, July 05, 2009

Country Roads (and Rivers)

So today my brother in law helped me accomplish a goal for this year. He took my sister and I on a kayaking trip down the Shenandoah. It was wonderful! We started on the Shenandoah went past Harpers Ferry and ended up on the Potomac in Maryland. The ride was beautiful and exhilarating. I swam a couple of times and we lost a few things along the way but no one was injured so that's a blessing.

This weekend was the weekend of kayaking. Today was the fourth time I've been kayaking. Saturday I went with my friend Darcey, then mom and I went out for a while, and in the evening I went with Melody and her friend Alex.

I can't imagine living in a place where there wasn't water nearby. I've loved the adventures that have come my way here.


Maria Rose said...

Sounds lovely, I have always wanted to try kayaking.

Shannon said...

Aw shucks! I'd love to do a little river kayaking and summer swimming!