Sunday, October 12, 2008

My momma

Today we celebrated my Mom! She is only the most amazing woman that I know. Although it's not actually for another week, we went ahead and celebrated her 50th birthday with family since she was going to be away for her birthday. She was probably exhausted from being at work until 5am the night before and then having to get up at 7am for church but she was gracefully grateful and joyous even with her tiredness. She's such an inspiring person to grow up around because of her earnestness to try new things and find new ways to enjoy life and also her ability to share those things with others. Her newest adventure is fishing and she's got pretty much the whole family joining in on her fun and relaxation. I know that she doesn't always think she such an amazing person and has a tendency to notice her own faults more than her accomplishments (we share that in common), but mom you are a treasure and I love you.

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Elizabeth said...

I love this post... and more importantly I love your mom! She is such a precious person and I'm looking forward to seeing her soon. Fishing, huh? She never ceases to amaze me... :)