Monday, May 28, 2007

Not goodbye

So yea,

Only one of the coolest people I know is going to begin her journey to Australia in about 3 hrs. She's going to be there for two years training people to be disciples through an organization called YWAM. She's going to be on staff there working in the Biblical Studies program.

She's not one of those girly girls (no offense to those of you who are), that like to talk about hair and make-up or boys all the time (again no offense to those of you who do). This is probably one of the reasons that I appreciate our friendship so much. I'm not very girly (or at least I don't feel so most of the time) and it's nice to have someone around that I can relate to. She is very "real" and not afraid to be herself in front of everybody.

An instant friend to anyone, she is super-fun to be around, and always easy to talk to. I value her friendship and insight into life and God's workings in it, more than she knows. Although she can be a little dramatic sometimes (something to do with her being a middle-child and all), there's never a dull moment.

It is my hope and prayer that while she is back in Australia, she continues to glorify you God in all that she does. Father, help her to train up disciples to follow you and know you more. May she remember that You are always with her in the good times and the bad, and that Your plans for her are better than any she could have planned for herself. I love you and thank you for putting her in my life.

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